Robert Rosario
Vice President Marketing

Robert is at the forefront of the current internet information and design revolution that is going on today in the world. Robert has worked with top tier entertainment and packaged goods companies and their senior management ranging from Sony/BMG to Universal Pictures to Nestle to create interactive communication platforms or products for them. His company, The AIO has designed over 100 interactive products ranging from DVD's, CD-ROM's, websites, USB Drives, and other cutting edge products.

Prior to starting The AIO Corp Robert was a marketing executive in the consumer packaged goods industry. At Hansen's Natural Beverages, where he served as the national promotions director he was part of the turnaround team reporting specifically to both the vice chairman and chairman of the company. Under his watch Robert helped turn Hansen's into one of the most successful beverage companies in the world. Robert was responsible for creating promotional programs to re-brand the Hansen's Natural Beverage name and introduce new products into the market. He was responsible for creating and developing national promotions, regional promotions, and cross promotions while building their guerilla marketing mindset and setting up the company for exponential sales growth.

Products that Robert was responsible for promoting and branding ranged from Hansen's Natural Smoothies, Natural Sodas, Juices, and last but not least, Hansen's Energy drink which has morphed into what the world now knows as Monster. Robert is responsible for building the entire marketing infrastructure for Hansen's Corporation which today has a market valuation of $3 Billion. Under his 6 and a half year watch, the company went from bankruptcy/$33 million in sales to over $250 million in sales, and never had a losing quarter in all that time. Under Robert's watch the Hansen's brand name was re-established, he fortified their marketing channels, and created numerous cross-promotional programs to enable the brand to leverage its assets to where it is today. Companies that Robert Rosario tied into range from Fox Sports, Nike, World Wrestling Federation (now WWE), Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema, Paramount Pictures, Disney, The X-Games and many, many more. It was at Hansen's that Robert got the "interactive bug" and created the first interactive CD-ROM cross-promotion between a beverage company and interactive software game companies in the world. The successful promotion secured distribution for Hansen's Natural Beverage products at Costco nation wide. It was this promotion that gave Robert the entrepreneurial drive to start his own interactive design company.